8 Week Overall Realignment – One on One Mind Coach Sessions

Overall Realignment To RIP OUT All Limitations, Past Emotions & Align with your Future. This is an 8 week recharge.


  1. 16 x hours of Mind Coaching and Hypnotherapy where YOU reprogram your emotions around past events that have affected to in how you live your life today. ALso Aligning you with your True Purpose designed to “Attract” the right people, the right opportunities in to your life so you “Remain” on your right path for the rest of your life.
  2. 8 x full weeks of coaching “In Between” sessions where you are supported along the way
  3. Cleanse and Clear the impact that your past trauma or negative events have had on you every day.
  4. Total understanding and acceptance of your true value, worth and power to succeed in this life
  5. Recorded Recharge to allow you to use the Power and Clearing from our sessions any time you like for future reinforcement
  6. Goal Visualisation Recording impacting on your Theta State when your Unconscious is in an “Attractant State” which assists you to design your future the way you want it to be

REMEMBER – When we change our emotions around past events, the blockages and / or problems disappear in the present, leaving you free to explore your future without those blockages holding you back.


Payment Options accepted = AfterPay, Direct Bank Transfer (can also be used for NDIS), Credit Card (2.2% charge), PayPal or PayPal Monthly plans

Additional payment options can include PAY PER SESSION or payment via Ezidebit Payment Plans @$110pw. Please contact me if these options would suit you better.


Overall Realignment To RIP OUT All Limitations, Past Emotions & Align with your Future. This is an 8 week recharge.

8 Week Overall Realignment = 2hour weekly sessions + Constant out of hours support, Guidance, Reinforcement + Recorded Energy Release and Super Conscious Recharge (to keep you on track over the long term) –


Conducted over 8 weeks to optimise your higher success rate to rip out ALL the roots of what is restricting you of having an amazing balance in all areas of your life.

Often we might achieve success in 1 area which means other areas suffer.

Successful financial or business success can often have a detrimental effect on family life with your partner and the kids OR the opposite occurs.

This is only because we are programmed from birth to believe that we cannot have it all, Your unconscious accepts this so no matter how hard you try consciously to achieve balance and success in all areas, you end up having an internal battle which manifests and results in where you are today.

We are so confident that you will achieve great progress during this program if you attend each session with an open mind and actually want to enjoy a happier life, we will even offer you a Guarantee.

If after the 8 weeks Mind Coaching, Reprogramming and Recharging your 3 x Levels of consciousness to enjoy life on a happier level, we will continue working with you at NO CHARGE until you get there.

  • Session 1 – Total Negative Energy Release – Understanding the WHY, WHEN, HOW and WHAT the reasons are that have influenced and attracted the negative environment you live in. Experiencing Hypnotic Energy release that your body builds up every day which has been manifesting over your life and has effected your energy over this time. This is the reason we “attract” things in to our lives that we Consciously really don’t want but our Unconscious keeps gravitating us towards. This results in blockages towards success in absolutely every aspect of our lives (Relationships, Business, Self-Worth and Self Love, Self-Sabotage, Self Confidence, Self-Doubt).
  • Session 2 – Symbolic Journey – involves symbolism hypnotherapy allowing you to become reconnected with your internal energy and power to succeed in both your professional and personal life therefor totally changing your future path and allowing you to pursue the life you know you should be living.
  • Session 3 – Identity Alignment, True Purpose and True Choices for your future – It’s important to allow your Identity to ACCEPT your new life, the one that you deserve to have and actually “Release your old Identity” which is the one that’s been affecting you for years. If this is not done, You will find it very difficult to ALIGN yourself with your true choices in life and either fall short of achieving goals or once you reach a goal, you will find it difficult to keep it. (You will have seen this so much through life when people set goals and cannot reach them so give up or, they lose everything once they have achieved it)
  • Session 4 –  Brain Resistance Re-Coding + Parts Integration Releasing Triggers – Connecting and actually being able to communicate regularly with your Higher Self (Super Conscious) when you approach decisions for your future. This can be utilised with any part of your life, relationships, finance, business, general happiness, career and will really remove resistance for you to achieve what you want in life. The shifts you experience here are very significant.
  • Session 5 – Family Entanglement + 3 Chair Methodology – Release Negative Beliefs and Values that run deep within your Family Generations. You were raised with the beliefs and values of your parents, they were raised with the values and beliefs of their parents, and so on and so on and this can go back some 7 to 11 generations. Now you may think that “Yes, I have my values and Beliefs” which is great BUT you also have all the limitations that they had around how to live life. Also remember that Your life is so different from when they were younger. Then look again at how much different their lives were from their parents and so on and so on. So what you have done is receive all their limitations along with what they believed is right or wrong. Well, we are here to release all the NEGATIVE and Limiting ideals that they had so you can begin living life around YOU, YOUR Values and YOUR Beliefs.
  • Session 6 – Timeline Regression Hypnotherapy – allows us to experience mental health timeline regression hypnotherapy which assists you to change your emotions around past events that unconsciously are holding you back or blocking you from achieving your future success. If we go back in time and you look at things differently that have embedded a negative emotion in your unconscious mind, like a domino effect everything unravels and the problem no longer exist today. You can then move forward with a focus an ability to achieve what you really want to in this life.
  • Session 7 –Final Closure (+ Past Life Regression if needed)- allows us to have final closure on anyone or anything that has had a negative influence on your past which will no longer result in you experiencing the limitations or blockages that those people events situations or surroundings placed on you at a time when you are more vulnerable and very young.
  • Session 8 – 2 Futures + Astral Travel – allows “Synchronize and align ourselves with our future” + melt away limitations from your past so your unconscious mind only outsources a future you really want and the future that you should be living without all the negative emotions from past events affecting you. This part of the process really allows you to attract positive people that will help you achieve your goals both professionally and personally


  • Session 9 – Past Life Regression = This is a really amazing experience and unless we use this method during your Timeline Regression session because we are unable to release negative emotions from events that you attached to in this life, you can actually go back to past lives and experience what you felt, who you were, the life you lived and the lessons you learnt back then. You can then bring those lessons and understandings back into this life and actually unblock areas that you never even knew you had blockages in. This is a really cool experience.
  • Session 10 – 2nd Re-Code on other aspects that may have risen + Astral Travel = The Re-Code in this session can go into ALL areas of your life (Health, Wealth, Business, body weight, Business success, Family success, Partner success) and remove restrictions from absolutely everything + an Astral Travel actually takes you far beyond your body in this world, stretches you out to be amongst everything living in this world (Nature, body, universe)