About Greg Keily

Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Greg comes from a military background as an Australian Navy Clearance Diver and then went on to be an integral part of Queensland’s Emergency Services First Response Team.

During the 15yrs Greg served, he experienced a traumatic near death experience in the Antarctic Ocean and this, combined with years of dealing with major incidents involving the general public in a First Response Emergency Services role began having detrimental affects on how Greg lived his life.

These experiences, along with life’s daily challenges resulted in many years of enduring PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Self Worth, Self Confidence, Self Love and Self Sabotage challenges which as you can imagine, significantly impacted Greg’s lifestyle.

Mental Health Hypnotherapy and NLP allowed Greg to overcome these debilitating life restrictions extremely quickly. 

Greg was so impressed at how Timeline Regression Hypnotherapy and Symbolism helped him, Greg decided to study everything he could to be able to offer the same fantastic opportunity to others suffering from mental health challenges and now thrives on assisting adults and children through one on one or group consulting sessions to do the same.

The Power of Hypnosis

After years of visiting Psychologists and Psychiatrists Greg discovered Hypnotherapy which enabled him to overcome his PTSD, Depression, Self Limiting and Self Destructive behaviour within an extremely short time frame.

Greg also studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), pseudo-scientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy and also Self Hypnosis which enabled him to become ranked within the TOP 10% of business professionals nationally within a large franchise company.

Given Greg’s vast life experiences and his ability to relate to his Clients, his study of “Modern Hypnotherapy Techniques”, his passion and faith in seeing his Clients succeed – it’s definitely worth giving Greg a call to see how he can also assist you to “Get Your Life Back”.

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Happy success winner, life goal achievement

Psychological Approach on Achieving Success

Greg has designed training systems and programs, focussing on a “Psychological Approach on Achieving Success” which resulted in great achievements for his trainees.

He has designed, recorded and produced a time line Goal Visualisation program impacting on the “Theta State” of the subconscious mind, assisting his Clients to overcome their challenging mental and physical self limiting beliefs to fast track their personal and professional success.

Hypnotherapy Services

Utilising extremely modern Mental Health Hypnotherapy tools including but not limited to         Time-Line Regression, Past Life Regression, Symbolism Therapy and Goal Visualisation Therapy, Greg draws on all his past experiences and accomplishments to assist you to enjoy life on a deeper, more confident level in a surprisingly short period of time.

 This, along with “Personal Tailor Made” consulting packages allows you an opportunity to overcome your challenges.

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