Mental Health & Goal Setting Hypnotherapy

Assisting adults AND children dealing with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Worth, Self-Sabotage, Domestic Violence, Quit Smoking, Over Eating AND Goal Setting


Hypnotherapy Practitioner


“I’ve been hugely successful & I’ve been Broke & I’ve been successful again, I’ve experienced 38 different industry careers from scrubbing dishes in a restaurant & I’ve assisted multi-billion dollar investors. I’ve served our country & I’ve served the public in the Emergency Services. I’ve married  & I’ve raised children. I’ve loved & I’ve hated & I’ve loved again. I’ve suffered severe depression & I’ve been the most positive person in the room. I’ve experienced death and I’ve experienced life.

I share all this with YOU because no matter what you have done in your life, I can pretty much relate to YOU. Therefore I can also assist YOU. I’ve studied extensively to now become a person who only wants to help YOU.

Either call me or email me because it’s FREE to simply see HOW I can help YOU!

Below is a list of experiences I have personally been involved in and overcome mainly through hypnotherapy. That, and also a simple outlook on life to never give up.” Greg Keily

My personal experiences thus far – PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Sabotage, Domestic Violence, Smoking, Over Eating, lack of Self-Worth, lack of Self-Love, Loss of loved ones who have passed, Loss of family who are still alive, Goal Setting & Success.


Overcoming serious mental challenges from a life threatening event that would be “Triggered” by anything throughout the day or night leaving him embarrassed, Frustrated and feeling “Not in Control” led Greg to wanting to be alone most of the time.

Through Hypnotherapy and NLP, Greg then went on to achieve great success within his professional and personal life as well as coaching and mentoring other people to do the same.

Greg has since dedicated his life to helping people who are going through “Mental Health Challenges” so they can feel what it’s like to live a happy, positive and successful life again.

Greg holds a BLUE CARD through the Queensland Government so is able to assist your child or local schools if they are experiencing mental health challenges.

Your 4 Week Mental Health FULL Head Space Cleanse starts NOW:

Do you find yourself saying “Oh I can’t do that because that’s just how I am”? This in only what you keep saying your limits are and you have programed your unconscious mind to place those limitations on yourself.

During only 1 month (4 visits), we can Reset all your negative emotions from your past so you can get back to enjoying life without blockages and that mental baggage that’s holding you back.

Together, we can reprogram and CLEAR those negative emotions that are having an impact on your life using Symbolism & Symbolic Journeys as well as Timeline Regression Hypnotherapy. You also enjoy Final Closure Hypnotherapy and top it off with a Hypnotic-Holiday – leaving you unbelievably energised as if you’ve just had a 3 week holiday- so then you can move forward with amazing success in your personal AND professional life.

What’s it about?

Remove all Blockages + Restrictions + Baggage that is holding you back from enjoying the life you know you deserve PLUS setting you up to actually sense when the right people and opportunities are coming into your life, ensuring you are on the right path.

You can move forward from:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Self-Love & Self-Worth from experiencing negativity from family members since you were a child
  4. Abusive Relationships past or present (Sexual, Physical or mental abuse)
  5. Marriage or relationship breakdowns
  6. Grief
  7. Bullying (either at school or the workplace OR with family)
  8. Trauma (multiple OR single events)
  9. Loss of Job (either COVID related or not)
  10. Bad Habits (Smoking, Over Eating or drinking, Anger Issues)
  11. Actually experience your own private Hypno-Holiday (totally recharges your mental capacity)

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Hypnotherapy Services​

“The beauty of Hypnotherapy is it can be appreciated by Clients either Online through Skype or Zoom as well as In-Person so no matter where you live, you can experience the same results”

How it works – Imagine living your life from the day you were born with NO emotional thoughts holding you back.

Imagine having constant thoughts and emotions of unwavering confidence, abundance of self-love, knowledge that you can achieve everything and anything, the knowing that you can simply be yourself and you will ALWAYS fit in.

How’s Your Head Space uses “Modern” Hypnotherapy techniques which actually relax your Conscious mind and we explore your unconscious mind. We find the times you have embedded an emotion to an event or a series of events over time that have had an impact on how you live your life.

Once we explore the events that have impacted in how you live your day to day life, we go back to that time and re-program the emotions around those events so you can start enjoying life again.

And take back control of how you live your life!

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Greg has chosen to focus on assisting people with similar challenges to those that he has experienced which enables him to relate and connect on a deeper level with his clients.

Offering easy payment plans for our clients ensures that finances are not impacting on YOU enjoying the life you know you deserve.


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