Specialising in the Removal of Negative Emotions from Your Past +
Realigning Your Identity to Create an Amazing Future



Like everyone else around you – You have simply Unconsciously attached emotions to negative events in your past that are affecting you today.

The good news is….. You can change it all AND together, we will guide you through it.

I am a Fully Licenced, Clinical Mental Health Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Mind Coach offering Hypnotherapy, Identity Alignment, Brain Resistance Re-Coding, Family Entanglement Release plus ongoing development for clients all over the world.

Everything we do is based on the Universal Laws, Science, Quantum Theory  and Quantum Mechanics where the results are simply amazing.

Using this Revolutionary Magnetic Mind Method of Removing Resistance and Blockages that are getting in the way of you enjoying a life you truly love, this “Open Session” will allow you to do just that in a matter of minutes.

Incorporating this inspiring technique in Mental Health programs offered through How’s Your Head Space, the results are very impressive and allow clients to “Align” themselves with their True Choices and True Purpose without any Unconscious self-limiting resistance that has been there their whole lives.

Join in as Greg explains how this technique works, Get your list of things you want to improve in your life but for some reason seem out of your grasp, then take part in removing and Re-Coding what’s getting in the way of you receiving what you truly want.

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For 1 on 1 Coaching or Exclusive Membership Programs – Payments can be through:

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Private Health Cover = Check with your health cover as many offer up to 80% refund for Mental Health Coaching or Hypnotherapy

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We offer You…

1 on 1 Personalised Therapy Programs which are extremely popular


An Exclusive Mental Health Membership Coaching Program  for you to do in the privacy of Your Own Home HERE

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I went from suffering severe mental health challenges to helping people all over the world fix their mental health.

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I share this information below with YOU because no matter what you have done in your life, I can pretty much relate to YOU. Therefore I can also assist YOU. 

“I’ve been hugely successful & I’ve been Broke & I’ve been successful again, I’ve experienced Self Sabotage traits leading to 38 different jobs from scrubbing dishes in a restaurant to assisting multi-million dollar investors. I’ve served our country & I’ve served the public in the Emergency Services. I’ve married  & I’ve raised children. I’ve loved & I’ve hated & I’ve loved again. I’ve suffered severe depression & I’ve been the most positive person in the room. I’ve experienced death and I’ve experienced life.

I’ve studied extensively and am solely focused on assisting people like YOU utilising Mental Health Hypnotherapy, Identity Alignments, Re-Coding of mental restrictions and many other modalities for ongoing Mind Coaching.

I am very passionate and genuinely want to help YOU overcome your problems no matter how small other people think they are.

Either call me or email me because it’s FREE to simply see HOW I can help YOU!

My personal mental health challenges I have overcome thus far – PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Sabotage, Domestic Violence, Smoking, Over Eating, lack of Self-Worth, lack of Self-Love, Loss of loved ones who have passed, Loss of family who are still alive, Goal Setting & Success.

I also hold a BLUE CARD through the Queensland Government so is able to assist your child or local schools.

What is Mental Health Hypnotherapy + Mind Coaching?
Getting to the ROOT cause of Your problems

“The beauty of Hypnotherapy is it can be appreciated by Clients either Online through Skype or Zoom as well as In-Person so no matter where you live, you can experience the same results”

How it works – Imagine living your life from the day you were born with NO emotional thoughts holding you back.

Imagine having constant thoughts and emotions of unwavering confidence, abundance of self-love, knowledge that you can achieve everything and anything, the knowing that you can simply be yourself and you will ALWAYS fit in.

How’s Your Head Space uses “Modern” Hypnotherapy, Identity Alignment, Re-Coding techniques along with many other modailities which actually relax your Conscious mind so YOU can explore YOUR unconscious mind.

YOU find the times you have embedded an emotion to an event or a series of events over time that have had an impact on how you live your life.

Once YOU explore the events that have impacted in how you live your day to day life, TOGETHER we go back to that time YOU re-program the emotions around those events so you can start enjoying life again…

This time, on a totally positive and enlightening level.

Payment Plans available for 1 on 1 sessions OR Online sessions are available to enjoy in your own time in the privacy of your own home

Why Choose Us

Greg has chosen to focus on assisting people with similar challenges to those that he has experienced which enables him to relate and connect on a deeper level with his clients.

Offering easy payment plans for our clients ensures that finances are not impacting on YOU enjoying the life you know you deserve.


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Programs specifically tailored to YOU

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Take charge of your life!

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