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What's In This For YOU?


Like everyone else around you – You have simply Unconsciously attached emotions to negative events in your past that are affecting you today.

The good news is….. This Exclusive Private Home Coaching Program will assist you with an easy to follow Therapy Program that you can watch in your own time and in the privacy of your own home.

Everything we do is based of Universal Laws, Science, Quantum Theory  and Quantum Mechanics so the results are simply amazing.

All communicataion is classified as a SAFE PLACE where you can DIRECTLY submit your questions and have them answered through private Messenger, Phone or Email format.  

The Therapy Sessions are based on the phenomenal results our 1 on 1 sessions receive and will help you release those emotions, thoughts and actions that are really limiting your success in so many areas of your life.

Areas covered include but are not limited to…

Understanding Your Quantum Level = Scientific approach to understanding why Your past experiences are impacting your mental health today.

Creative Orientation Alignment = Changing your approach from focusing on “fixing you Problems” to a Creative Orientation and “designing Your Ideal Life” at the Unconscious and Super Conscious level.

Symbolic Journey = Hypnotherapy sessions connecting with your Higher Self to understand your true power, resulting in a totally different response to how you live your life.

2 x Futures = Unconscious acceptance programming for your future. A Hypnotherapy session to accept your True Purpose which Unconsciously releases your current future and helps propel you towards your desired future.

Final Closure = Hypnotherapy session which actually Unconsciously rips out every single person, event, situation, opportunity and environment that has negatively impacted your life from the day you were conceived.

Astral Travel + Consciousness Awareness = Out of body experience where you FEEL everything around you. We travel through nature, space and time where you understand how powerful you really are compared to the insignificant negativity that you are surrounded by.

Identity Alignment = Aligning your Identity with your future because we often set goals or want to live life on our terms BUT your Identity is actually trapped in your past. When this happens, you either fall short of achieving what you really desire OR when you reach your goals, you lose them after a short period of time.

Family Entanglement = Your Values and Beliefs are entangled within your Parents, their Parents, and so on, going back some 7 to 11 generations. Your lifestyle has changed so much compared to theirs so it’s time to leave their limiting beliefs with them and move on with creating your own positive modern day limitless beliefs to achieve success in all areas of your life.

Parts Integration = You get Triggered from past events by your Dormant Emotions that are attached to past trauma. These emotions are embedded in your Unconscious and significantly alters how you usually behave when you become Triggered (the term “Out of Character” explains your meltdown or outburst)

Collapsing Anchors =  Creating Positive Unconscious “Anchors” that allow you to draw on to collapse negative emotions triggered today from past traumatic events.

Body Dysmorphia = Hating what you see in the mirror usually resulting in Over Eating, Under Eating or Self Harm. This lifestyle is adopted due to Unconscious emotions you have attached to past events and may be fixed through Hypnotherapy.

Addictions + Bad Habits = Smoking or Dinking to excess are simply Effects or habits that have resulted from a Cause (Cause and Effect), usually between the ages of conception to 7yrs old.

Timeline Regression Hypnotherapy = Hypnotherapy session allowing you to go back in time where you attached negative emotions to an event or several events that are having a significant influence on restricting you enjoying life today. A definite MUST for PTSD, CPTSD (victims of Military, Emergency Services & Sexual Assault)

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy = You may have brought forward negative emotions from a past life that are significantly affecting you in this one. This is truly an amazing experience for clients as they uncover who they were in past lives and the message needed to unblock restrictions in this life.

Re-Coding Energy & Brain Resistance = Reprogramming restrictions accepted by Your Body, Your Conscious, Your Unconscious and connecting with your Super Conscious to Re-Code the alignment of your past, present and future.

The sessions

Click on each session or hover your desktop mouse over it for a brief summary of what it covers

1st + 2nd Coaching Session

Understanding Your
Bigger Picture
Negative Thought
Release Techniques

Understanding WHY You are who You are and HOW You can Create Long Lasting Changes to areas that effect you

Understand WHY you have restrictions, WHEN they started, WHAT the root cause is and HOW to fix it

PLUS how to remove Overthinking | Self doubt | Negative Energy | Anxiousness | Negative Thoughts
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3rd + 4th Coaching Session

Re-Unite with your Higher Self
Symbolic Alignment (Blue Mist)

Understanding your true power by connectiing with your Higher Self

Whoah! This weeks sessions allow you to actually connect with who your were before you were born into this world

PLUS tap into your true purpose to create alignment for the rest of your life
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5th + 6th Coaching Session

Identity Alignment Programming
Identity Alignment Practical

Aligning Your Identity with Your true purpose

It's time You planned the rest of Your life - Your Desired Reality - as it should be, NOT the way it's been programmed to be by Your past

PLUS Programming your Conscious and Unconscious to Align with Your Desired Reality and a Life You LOVE
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7th + 8th Coaching Session

3 Chair Methodology
Theta State Visualisation

Allowing the Flow to propel you forwards

Now that You've programmed your Future and Desired Reality- Allow your future and Your Desired Reality to Choose YOU

PLUS Timeline Therapy where you see, smell, feel, hear and taste specific Goals that you Desire (Personal + Professional)
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9th + 10th Coaching Session

Final Closure
2 Futures Hypnotic Sessions

Finally Using Your power to Remove emotional impact placed on Your past AND Your future

Removing the Negative impact that EVERY Person, Place, Event or Surroundings has had on your life from the day You were born

PLUS Unconsciously releasing the OLD You and Launching the NEW You
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11th + 12th Coaching Session

Pain, Sickness and Illness Release
Negative Energy and Thought Release

Using the power of Your mind to allow you to work on Your own body

Actually "Going Within" Your body and Identifying where Pain, Sickness or Illness may exist and "Bleeding" it out of Your body

PLUS revisiting Your body since WEEK 1 and releasing ALL Negative Energy it has absorbed in Your journey
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13th + 14th Coaching Session

Re-Code 2 Point
Re-Code Muscle Messages

Re- Coding Your Brain so it Aligns with Your Higher Self

You actually Re - Code Your own brain so You release ALL Restrictions that are blocking you achieving and receiving what your True Purpose is in the Life You LOVE
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15th Coaching Session

Astral Travel
Live Q's on Timeline Regression Hypnotherapy

Out Of Body Experience Aligning You with The Real Big Picture

Experiencing a level of Unconsciousness You have never experienced or felt before

PLUS Questions You have around moving on to the Life You LOVE from here

PLUS Tools for you to take along Your journey to keep you on track
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Your past has a lot to do with what restricts us in Your present life and Your future.

The emotions Your Unconscious Mind attached to events from the day You were conceived, then born and throughout the remainder of Your life are now restricting You from enjoying a life You absolutely LOVE.

Utilising Mental Health Hypnotherapy, Energy Releasing, Re-charging, Re-uniting, Re-aligning, Re-coding and Re-igniting techniques that will smash Your self-limiting beliefs – You will be able to control or eliminate restrictions impacting You like…

Overthinking, Self-Doubt, Self-Worth, Self-Love, Self-Sabotage, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Toxic Relationships, Eating Disorders.

Take back control of Your life and START Your
Private Home Coaching Program NOW

More about the Private Home Coaching Program

$49 Per week offers Multiple Coaching Lessons, Q and A sessions + Personal 1 on 1 support

If you experience any of the below limitations, you should really look through what this program offers as you will definitely create some serious shifts that will allow you to enjoy life on a much higher level.

  • Productivity and Success Blockages
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self Sabotage
  • Confidence
  • Relationships
  • Anger
  • Lack of Self Worth
  • Lack of Self Love
  • Self Doubt
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Over Thinking
  • Eating Disorders

To get Your first Session absolutely FREE on “Your Bigger Picture” simply SIGN UP NOW and request your FREE FIRST SESSION


  • Weekly sessions of Unconscious Mind Coaching and Hypnotherapy where I guide YOU to reprogram your emotions around past events that have impacted on how you live your life today
  • Cleanse and Clear the impact that your past trauma or negative events have had on your present and future
  • Total understanding and acceptance of your true value, worth and power to succeed in this life
  • Your very own recorded Recharge + Energy & Thought Release to listen to every morning or evening to assist you in between your sessions (It’s like you have your own daily refresher course on your phone)
  • Goal Visualisation Recording impacting on your Theta State when your Unconscious is in an “Attractant State” which assists you to design your future the way you want it to be

REMEMBER – When we change our emotions around past events, the blockages and / or problems disappear in the present, leaving you free to explore your future without those blockages holding you back.


  1. YOUR PRIVACY – Once you have joined, You can log in to each session as many times as you like
  2. You can contact Greg directly through Facebook Messenger, the website, email, phone or text with any questions or guidance you require
  3. Every week we will be peeling off different layers that are restricting you and EVERY SESSION has been designed to follow the other as You grow
  4. You will be encouraged by someone who “Understands your situation, can relate to what you are going through” so the energy will be nurturing and extremely positive
  5. Consistently be supported during each session BUT also in between sessions should you encounter any challenges during your growth


Clients are receiveing absolutely Phenomenal results through 1 on 1 private Unconscious Mind Coaching / Hypnotherapy programs 

Your very own personalised program for a Total Mental Health Recharge or Long Term weekly sessions offer clients the knowledge, tenacity, structure and ability to Master all areas of their life including Unconscious Programming utilising Timeline Regression AND /OR Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and Re-Coding for….

  • Business Growth
  • Performance and Productivity
  • Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Addictions (Smoking, Alcohol)
  • Eating Disorders

AND many more areas that You feel You want assistance with.

If you are interested in a more private 1 on 1 session either online or in person, contact us at

to get started…
to chat about whether it’s right for you.


Kaz L
Read More
Without your guidance my life would have stayed in a high anxiety stalled mess. Reliving the past over and over to now being able to pull that shit out throw it to the side and now see a future I have never seen before in my 40 years of life. 🙏
Amanda E
Read More
I was regularly sexually abused between the ages of 5 to 13 I now feel recharged and happy to see what my life has coming up which is the first time I’ve felt this way since I can remember.
Justine W
Read More
For 9yrs I kept going from one bad relationship to another. After each session I felt amazingly strong, full of Self-Confidence and Self-Worth. I now feel open and confident enough within myself to meet new potential partners that are right for me.
Ex Military Client
Read More
I no longer have issues with my PTSD and have ironed out a lot of other problems that seemed to all be in my mind. I feel amazing now, am closer with my family that I kept pushing away as I thought they would be better off without me but now I can look at things totally differently..
Jason T
Read More
I can’t believe the difference in my life now! From being put down every day, becoming a shadow of who I was so many years ago and having absolutely no confidence or self worth, I now only have excitement in my life on what I can create with my future.
Marise C
Read More
I lost my Children, my husband, my job and my friends all through mental health problems and I kept spiralling downwards even though I really wanted to stop my nightmares, my depression and my anxiety. If I could wish for anything in my life, I wish that I had come across Greg years ago
Well known Real Estate Agent
Read More
I’d felt that I had blockages around prospecting in my real estate career. I always set tasks to do but for some reason I couldn’t or didn’t want to complete them and I didn’t know what was holding me back. Somehow I have this force and energy inside me that I have not experienced before and I’m looking forward to what I can now achieve in my career
Jess C
Read More
I have been involved in multiple mentally and physically abusive relationships where I felt I was never good enough for the partner I was with. After my sessions with Greg, I feel really focused, driven and excited to move forward knowing that I will never allow people with negative energy to enter into my or my children’s life.