For 9yrs I kept going from one bad relationship to another.
No matter how many times I thought I’d found the right person, I ending up being abused, belittled and humiliated.
I had so much hurt, anger and anxiety inside me that I had lost all my self-confidence, self-worth and didn’t trust anyone.
I saw Greg was doing wonderful things for my friends so I tried some of his Mental Health Hypnotherapy sessions through online face time.
After each one I felt amazingly strong, full of Self-Confidence and Self-Worth. I now feel open and confident enough within myself to meet new potential partners that are right for me.
(Client – Justine)
I had a huge amount of confusion when my best friend ghosted me 4 years ago. (I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy in 2018)
I was struggling how to come to terms with it all, especially being advised of both at the same time. For some reason, my very best friend became very distant.
She even sent an email to never contact her again.
I couldn’t understand why this had happened and felt extremely confused.
I felt abandoned and couldn’t say her name or think about what I had done to trigger this without breaking down into tears.
I tried clearing my emotions and thoughts in so many ways through “Professionals” and healers but nothing helped.
I saw that Greg was doing some great things with people and saw that I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try.
After experiencing Greg’s Mental Health Hypnotherapy, I find myself at peace (getting there) and can even say her name, even talk about the event without having those strong emotions around it and feel that I can move forward much easier with what my life’s challenges are now. Thank You Greg!
(Client Kim)
Over Eating Review
I felt embarrassed when I looked in the mirror and disappointed that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep up the diets and training that I knew I should do to lose weight.
I really wanted to be proud of who I saw looking back at me but just didn’t know why I would always revert back to bad habits.
I visited Greg from How’s Your Head Space and through his Hypnotherapy we found the root cause of why I couldn’t keep up healthy eating habits.
It was as if I was fighting myself every time I tried losing weight but after seeing Greg, I find myself shopping and picking out all the right things I should be eating and I feel that I have so much more energy.
I can’t explain how but I now only think about eating healthy all the time, I’m much more positive, focused and achieving so much more. Thanks Greg
(Client Jason)
Intro to hypnotherapy REVIEW
I had my first session with Greg about 4 weeks ago.
I was pleasantly surprised with the immediate result, even though we hadn’t gone into the actual therapy side of my problems.
I know it takes more sessions to get the full benefit however, I found even the first one was enough to start reprogramming patterns that had led me to my issues of stress and lack of self confidence.
The fact that Greg was able to achieve that result over the phone also surprised me.
I look forward to my follow up sessions with Greg and recommend his services without question.
(Client Paul)
Abusive Relationships Review.
For a while now I have been dealing with anxiety, anger and such toxic, negative feelings about a previous abusive relationship, which then took a huge toll on my self-worth.
Greg helped me understand these feelings, how to deal with them and through his Hypnotherapy & guidance I am now feeling more confident and have so much more respect for myself.
Self-love is what I will be focussing on now!
(Client Aimee)
The fantastic outcome with this 26yr old young lady is that she has now begun a new relationship as she has opened up positive energy to only those who are on the same path as her, whilst also absolutely smashing her past relationship emotions using “The Final Closure” hypnotherapy approach.
Quit Smoking Review
I started smoking when I was 14 years old, I am now 42 and up until last week I had on average a pack a day.
Just like every other smoker I had my days, weeks, and even months where I managed to not smoke and I felt amazing doing so but somehow I always got pulled back into the mindset that I need to smoke to be able to deal with life all the while knowing that cigarettes have a negative impact on literally everything in my life – less money, less fitness, less energy, more depression.
Knowing and feeling the negative impact of cigarettes on my physical and mental health was killing me and I knew I had to do something about it.
I came across “How’s Your Head Space” and decided to give it a go and do a hypnotherapy session with Greg.
And what can I say? I haven’t touched or even craved a cigarette since then.
It’s absolutely amazing, I still can’t believe it and my smoking just feels like a distant memory from a different lifetime.
Greg is amazing in what he does and very professional.
Under hypnosis I found out why and when I decided to become a smoker – it sounds crazy but I was only a few months old when I made that decision and once we knew the actual reason for my desire to smoke, Greg used his techniques to change my emotions around that event.
He also showed me a technique I can use in case I come across some cravings – but honestly, so far I haven’t even had cravings.
On the very rare occasion that a thought about a cigarette pops up in my head I just think “how weird to think about smoking, I don’t even smoke” lol.
I honestly don’t think I will ever smoke again because my subconscious reason to do so is gone and I just don’t feel like it anymore!
(Client Jessica)
Quit Smoking Review
I had really been getting my life on track however I had one thing that I had felt that I didn’t want anymore and that was smoking.
I had smoked for a round 40 years.
I had one session with Greg at How’s Your Head Space to try and quit for good.
It’s strange because after one session I feel like I gave up smoking 10 years ago and it is just a distant memory with no withdrawals or cravings.
I feel like I have been a non-smoker for years and look forward to being a non-smoker for the rest of my life.
The hypnotherapy session Greg took me through, took me back in time and reprogrammed my unconscious mind around smoking so I feel confident and calm knowing that I never have to smoke again.
I don’t even feel like I need a cigarette when I am around other smokers.
I wanted to thank Greg and the “How’s Your Head Space” team for the ongoing support and my new outlook on life.
(Client Damien)
Marriage Realignment Review
I’ve never done hypnotherapy before so didn’t really know what to expect and was very nervous.
I know I needed to clear some things from my past as my emotions were really taking me to a bad place in my marriage and with my kids and I’d heard that Greg could help with Timeline Regression Hypnotherapy and a lot of different methods.
I was really nervous as I didn’t know if I could be hypnotised but was shocked at how relaxed and comfortable I felt as soon as we got started.
After the session I felt really strange as I had this calm feeling as if a massive weight had been lifted from me.
As situations now happen I still think how I used to act but I’m saying totally different things and my whole family are enjoying life so much more.
We actually do things together and really enjoy each others company.
My new outlook has had an amazing effect on the rest of the family and we are all having a lot more fun together.
After weeks and weeks I still can’t believe how much calmer I am, how much more supportive I am and how much fun I’m having just living again.
Thanks Greg I would recommend you to anyone who is having blockages or looking to get back their life without the weight of their problems they are carrying around.
A total 10/10 of a person
(Client Katie)
Increase in Professional Productivity Review
For a while now I’d felt that I had blockages around prospecting in my real estate career.
I always set tasks to do but for some reason I couldn’t or didn’t want to complete them and I didn’t know what was holding me back.
I was still able to gain a few listings even whilst having these unknown blockages but I knew I could do way more.
I wanted to find out why I just couldn’t seem to achieve my goals or find that extra drive inside me so I approached Greg from How’s Your Head Space to try Hypnotherapy and see if I could release those blockages.
After my session with Greg I’ve found a drive to commit to my promises and have been able to complete the tasks I originally had no interest in. I’m really surprised at how well it’s worked and have a more focussed energy because I’m not constantly beating myself up for not completing my daily activities.
Somehow I have this force and energy inside me that I have not experienced before and I’m looking forward to what I can now achieve in my career
(Client – local real estate professional)