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Even The Strong & Succeeful Experience Mental Health Challenges REVIEW

I was struggling with hate, grief, self sabotage, loss, self image, and lack of a bright future.

That was till I met Greg.

I was in a very toxic marriage for 22 years which from the age of 15 shaped my world and who I was.

My husband would cheat on me and blame me for being to skinny, to fat, to muscular, to pretty, not enough make-up, to much makeup.

I struggled to really know who the hell I was.

I was physically and mentally abused for many years.

Also I lived a different life to what my family wanted for me and I was looking for approval from my them as well.

But I meet Greg and omg the change I felt in the first session was life changing.

It felt like everything had been pulled out from deep within and thrown away.

The calm that came over my world was and is a amazing feeling.

The hate is gone and for the first time in my life I have a future with so much growth and brightness.

Greg has changed my world and I can’t thank him enough.

My work has gone forward in leaps and bound.

My dating world has exploded with the right people and my out look on life is so bright.

I thank you Greg for coming into my life at a time I was drowning

(Client Kaz)

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Sick of Medication + Different Psych’s REVIEW

After suffering severe anxiety and panic attacks for over 12 months, seeing 3 different psyches and being diagnosed and medicated for complex-PTSD but getting nowhere, I was referred to Greg by a friend and started my treatment with him straight away.

Within 2-3 sessions I was able to wean myself off medication, return to normal sleeping patterns and felt all the significant physical symptoms I was experiencing daily just fade away.

I would normally consider myself a strong sceptic of alternative medicine/ therapies but in this case I felt I had nothing left to try and I’m so glad I did as I’m no longer on the rapid downward spiral that I was on.

Thank you Greg for helping me to be excited about the future again!!
(Client Maria)

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Violent Relationship FOLLOW UP 

I wanted to share with you a follow up from a past client who was actually being verbally, mentally and physically attacked by her partner in between our sessions. The partner did not know that this client was seeking assistance to get the strength to move on . The partner always told her that SHE had the problem and that HE was too good for her even though they had children together and would constantly abuse her in front of them ……

Hi Michelle, how have you been going now that it’s been sometime after our sessions finished?

I haven’t written a review yet Greg – You’ve saved my life Greg, and that’s hard to put into words.

If we hadn’t have already begun our sessions when I found out about my partner and my best friend’s relationship, I know that I probably would have ended my life.

My head space and self confidence and self worth is so much stronger now, and I just don’t waste my time with any one else’s negative shit.

I’m actually so good!

Super happy hey!

I’m feeling confident and happy and so keen for my future.

I’m just excited, I feel like I’m about to have an adventure every day.

(Client – Michelle)

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I had been exposed to some incidents in the military that impacted my physical appearance but didn’t really impact me mentally until a few years later.

I found that suddenly small things started affecting me that never had before and I couldn’t understand why as it just came out of nowhere.

The occurrences began happening more and more until I was at the stage where I didn’t even want to leave the house in case I had an anxiety attack or stressed out over such small things that began to haunt me. I also started having constant nightmares that I could only escape if I zonked myself out on sleeping tablets.

Having these episodes in public left me totally embarrassed and not in control of my life even though I have always been a very positive person.

I started seeing psychologists and psychiatrists where I was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. I saw a few different ones for a few years and I couldn’t seem to make progress until I was introduced to Greg.

After speaking with Greg, I felt I could relate to him as he had experienced similar problems and knew how to help me.

After just 2 visits I no longer had the issues with my PTSD and then the following 2 sessions ironed out a lot of other problems that seemed to all be in my mind.

I feel amazing now, am closer with my family that I kept pushing away as I thought they would be better off without me but now I can look at things totally differently.

It’s only early days and I still have those fleeting thoughts that I used to but as fast as they come in to my head, they disappear just as quickly and I really feel that I am back in control of my life and my future.

I am actually excited now that I can leave the house and go out confidently to meet new people and do the things that I used to love doing which I took for granted back then.

I have to say that once I looked at my mental health with more of a holistic approach rather than constant medication, I was able to discover what else was out there and am so happy I met Greg from How’s Your Head Space. 

(Client Prefers to be Anonymous) 

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Re-Coding Motor Neurons through The Unconscious Mind Review

I had a serious car accident 6 years ago which left me mostly paralysed through my entire right side of my body as well as rendering my speech slurred and loss of memory.
After extensive physical therapy, which still continues, I found myself in a mindset of just wanting to lie in bed and be angry with the world.
This mindset lasted over 4 years.
I was totally unmotivated and could not see any reason to do anything.
This made me extremely angry, anxious, withdrawn and lost on why this had happened to me.
After many professional therapy sessions, I came across Greg from How’s Your Head Space through NDIS, under Self Managed or Plan Managed Participants.
Greg looked to be offering totally different therapy from what I had been involved with and I wanted to reach out to him to see if he could help through his Unconscious Coaching and Hypnotherapy.
1. From my very first session I felt a significant shift in my Anger and actually received tools to use every day that have helped me to really become more relaxed and cruisier with life.
2. After years of being told and accepting that my brain simply could not get the messages to my muscles because of the accident. Greg guided me through my Unconscious Mind in reprogramming and creating new Motor Neurons to begin communicating with all my muscles from my brain, through my spinal cord and in to my muscles. I felt a new strength that I wanted to try out.
3. I visualised our sessions and slowly got back more and more control of my muscles which really motivated me to get out of bed and start doing things in the garden.
I actually feel really blessed and the happiest I’ve been in my entire life right now and I’m eager to see where my future goes with helping other people get through their life challenges.
I really enjoy my time with Greg each week and am excited to wake up each day.
(Client – Richie)

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Failing at Life REVIEW

Dear Greg Thank you so much for changing my life……

When I first came across Greg’s page I thought I have to give this a go.

I have tried so many techniques and been to psychologists but none of them got to the core of my issues.

I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

I have been through a traumatic 6 years toxic divorce + losing a business contract worth a significant amount of money, having my current partner who has a serious illness, the pandemic and a host of other problems that came to the surface and literally put me on my hands and knees.

Greg made me feel really comfortable on my first session,

I gave Greg my word that I would embrace our journey together wholeheartedly.

The first session was totally different and within a day or two something switched on my mind, I still don’t think I get it but Greg was able to help me release some mind chatter or sticky mind matters that were bothering me badly,

I was carrying unwanted guilt that was like a constant movie in my head 24/7.

Greg followed up our sessions, always checking up which I found really helpful and made himself available anytime if I was struggling.

Greg made me a custom made meditation recording that I still use on a daily basis and taught me breathing exercises for when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

There were days I really struggled but Greg provided me the tools to navigate myself out of those tough moments when my mind wanted to bring back old habits.

We are now in another lockdown and I’m feeling so much better, my energy is great and I’m no longer carrying a lot of the things that bothered me on the past.

I can’t recommend Greg highly enough, he is a good man who cares and his methods really work if you totally embrace them and help you release the crap your holding onto.

Thankyou Greg

(Client George)

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Sexual Abusive Relationship REVIEW

I am 32yrs old and was regularly sexually abused between the ages of 5 to 13 by a close friend of our family.

I’ve gone through a lot since then with court cases, counselling and ongoing therapy which felt like I was in a washing machine that I couldn’t escape.

I kept getting told all that time that we were doing nothing wrong. I did not know any better and kept being told it was “Our Secret”.  

I’ve had constant vivid nightmares for over 10 years and have gone through eating disorders, substance-abuse and self-abuse. I also have had trust issues since then and found that whenever I tried looking for a relationship to “become normal” I ended up getting into either physical or verbal abusive ones.

One of my Mum’s friends recommended Greg at How’s Your Head Space as her friend had received good results from a similar experience in her life.

I originally didn’t know if our mental health hypnotherapy sessions were working but my nightmares just disappeared and I found myself feeling really strong and confident which I don’t ever remembering being before.

I’ve had 3 visits with Greg and feel recharged and happy to see what my life has coming up which is the first time I’ve felt this way since I can remember.

I think I’ve got one or two visits to go to really help me feel I’ve fixed everything but in the meantime, I’m enjoying getting up every morning and the strange new found strength I just can’t explain.

(Client Amanda)

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Past Life Regression REVIEW

I had an amazing experience when I attended some sessions with Greg at How’s Your Head Space when we went back to a time and place that was not in this lifetime.

I approached Greg to help me with my Confidence, Relationships, Business Success and to Quit Smoking.

We established that from the day I was born I was rejected by my Mum and I had attached emotions around it even at that extremely early time which pretty much then just continued throughout my 45yrs of life.

As far as I can remember I’ve had problems with relationships and kept being treated badly as all I ever wanted to do was make my partners happy and be valued. This same outcome repeated itself in all other areas of my life and it had a big impact on my confidence, self love and self worth which led me to smoking and drinking to excess just to try and escape reality. This of course then flowed on to my business life and I found myself never keeping a job for a long period of time.

During one of my sessions with Greg, we went back to a time when I was actually appreciated, respected and loved but it was not in this life. We then went back to other times and I felt the same and could even see who I was and what I looked like.

The message was clear in every journey and it was always the same so when we finished the session I felt absolutely amazing. I felt really empowered by myself and now look in the mirror with pride, understanding and am grateful that I went through what I did in this life to make me as strong as I am. I couldn’t believe that the same message kept coming forward no matter where we ended up.

I just cannot believe how much different I feel, how positive I am and how excited I am for what is coming up for me as I look at life so differently.

(Client Jason)

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Toxic Relationship REVIEW

For 9yrs I kept going from one bad relationship to another.

No matter how many times I thought I’d found the right person, I ending up being abused, belittled and humiliated.

I had so much hurt, anger and anxiety inside me that I had lost all my self-confidence, self-worth and didn’t trust anyone.

I saw Greg was doing wonderful things for my friends so I tried some of his Mental Health Hypnotherapy sessions through online face time.

After each one I felt amazingly strong, full of Self-Confidence and Self-Worth. I now feel open and confident enough within myself to meet new potential partners that are right for me.

(Client – Justine)

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Abandonment REVIEW

I had a huge amount of confusion when my best friend ghosted me 4 years ago. (I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy in 2018)

I was struggling how to come to terms with it all, especially being advised of both at the same time. For some reason, my very best friend became very distant.

She even sent an email to never contact her again.

I couldn’t understand why this had happened and felt extremely confused.

I felt abandoned and couldn’t say her name or think about what I had done to trigger this without breaking down into tears.

I tried clearing my emotions and thoughts in so many ways through “Professionals” and healers but nothing helped.

I saw that Greg was doing some great things with people and saw that I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try.

After experiencing Greg’s Mental Health Hypnotherapy, I find myself at peace (getting there) and can even say her name, even talk about the event without having those strong emotions around it and feel that I can move forward much easier with what my life’s challenges are now. Thank You Greg!

(Client Kim)

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Eating Disorder REVIEW

I felt embarrassed when I looked in the mirror and disappointed that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep up the diets and training that I knew I should do to lose weight.

I really wanted to be proud of who I saw looking back at me but just didn’t know why I would always revert back to bad habits.

I visited Greg from How’s Your Head Space and through his Hypnotherapy we found the root cause of why I couldn’t keep up healthy eating habits.

It was as if I was fighting myself every time I tried losing weight but after seeing Greg, I find myself shopping and picking out all the right things I should be eating and I feel that I have so much more energy.

I can’t explain how but I now only think about eating healthy all the time, I’m much more positive, focused and achieving so much more. Thanks Greg

(Client Jason)

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Attracting Negative Experiences REVIEW

The first thing I learnt when speaking with Greg was that I wasn’t broken.

I did however seem to attract bad things my whole life and had just accepted that this is the way things were.

I grew up in a house with an aggressive Dad and was regularly raped by my cousin and brother from the ages of 6 to 10. At the age of 11 I ran away from home where I was caught and placed in a detention centre for 3 years.

I tried getting myself back on track but kept entering into violent relationships no matter how hard I tried to find a nice partner. I didn’t know why every partner I was with seemed really nice and then ended up taking advantage of me.

I worked hard and became quite successful then married and had 3 children to a Narcissistic man who bullied me constantly and threatened to take the kids away from me. It was ridiculous because I had become very successful in my professional career but He just made me feel worthless and  incompetent so I stayed with him for over 25years believing that I was lucky to have him plus I didn’t want the kids to grow up in a broken home.

I had been close to suicide many times as I got a little older but had not gone through with it because I couldn’t bear to think of my kids growing up without a Mum.

It then got to the stage of my kids becoming extremely aggressive towards me as well because that is how they saw their Dad treating me. The 2 oldest were taking drugs to get away from reality in their own minds and the whole family was falling apart so I knew I had to do something for them as well as for myself.

I had to keep things secret because I knew I would be bullied by my Husband and the Boys if they knew I was seeing a Therapist so I did my research and saw Greg from How’s Your Head Space.

I can’t tell you how amazing it was to actually have someone listen to me and be there for me for the first time I could remember.

I was having the sessions with Greg but was still living with so much negativity around me and Greg would be there to answer questions or give support outside of our normal sessions as he “Coached” me through my current situation as well as helped me release all the thoughts that I had been repressing for so many years.

Unknown to me I was actually attracting these partner’s  into my life that would treat me badly because of what I had experienced in my past and now I am just totally amazed at how free I feel inside and how excited I am for my future.

I’ve left my husband and I thought my kids would reject me because of it but they have actually all rallied together and for the first time in many years we have a feeling of being an actual normal family without all the abuse.

If I could pass on 1 piece of information to anyone who is not happy with their life, it would be that if you are sick of just talking about your problems with “Professionals” or want to get help confidentially, then seek out someone who can help you because there is amazing people out there and Greg Keily is definitely one of them.

(Client Alexia)

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Back on Track REVIEW

I can’t believe the difference in my life now!
From being put down every day, becoming a shadow of who I was so many years ago and having absolutely no confidence or self worth, I now only have excitement in my life on what I can create with my future.
I have an amazing new found energy and focus from stepping outside of my prison and seeing Greg from How’s Your Head Space.
10 out of 10 Greg. Thank you!
(Client Justine)
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New Found Strength REVIEW

I had lost my Children, my husband, my job and my friends all through mental health problems and I kept spiralling downwards even though I really wanted to stop my nightmares, my depression and my anxiety.

Medication was all that kept being offered to me from my Doctors and Therapists which had me sleeping at least 12 hours a day and drowsy for the rest of the time.

It’s now been 1 month since I finished 3 sessions with Greg at How’s Your Head Space.

In this time I have stopped 90% of my medications, I am slowly coming off my night time ones, my children have noticed such a difference and have approached me and want to be part of my life again.

My ex still tries his mind games and bullying me but he has no effect on me anymore. He had this power that used to make me doubt everything and I would become withdrawn and try to escape my thoughts through medication. I just pity him now and I see him for who he is.

I’m surprised at how confident I am with my future as I’ve found a strength and happiness that I don’t think I have ever experienced before. All the bad memories from my past seem like they happened to someone else in a different life, not me as I feel so calm and happy.

If I could wish for anything in my life, I wish that I had come across Greg years ago.

(Client – Marise)

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Self Sabotage / Failing Relationships  REVIEW

I’ve been married for 8 years however have always battled with jealousy issues which has been the result of so many failed friendships and intimate relationships my whole life.

I had these voices in my head that made me sabotage friendships as I thought that all the men we had as friends were coming on to my wife or flirting with her.

Long story made short, I saw Greg from How’s Your Head Space and in our second session we uncovered that I had discovered a letter when I was 5 years old from my Mother’s boyfriend that she was seeing behind my Dad which had unknowingly affected me for the rest of my life.

My Mum and Dad never seemed to have a close relationship, but it was just normal to me because they seemed to love each other, or so I thought as a child anyway.

Greg helped me to release everything from that moment when I found that letter and everything from that day onwards.

It was like I was constantly fighting myself with the voices in my head and I feel unbelievably free now.

I cannot believe how much closer I have become to my wife and my 2 children.

I’ve always been successful in the corporate world and enjoyed sports etc. so looking for outside help was the last thing I ever wanted to do but once I swallowed my pride and talked to Greg it has totally changed my life.

We have actually started going out regularly with friends and the Mind Tools that Greg gave me always work so I love my life on a new level. Thanks Greg

(Client – Craig)

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Multiple Narcissistic Relationships Review

I have been involved in multiple mentally and physically abusive relationships where I felt I was never good enough for the partner I was with. I really wanted to feel loved and create my own family to love but it always ended with being treated as if I was stupid, weak and I was lucky that anyone as good as them would let me be part of their life.

I have 3 children to 2 different men and thinking back to every relationship I’ve ever had, I was always humiliated and made to feel like I was lucky to have them as my partner.

After being downtrodden for so long, I simply believed it all to be true until my children also began leaving me because I believed that I was always second best to everyone else.

1 session with Greg had me doubting everything I was told about being unwanted since I was very young and for the first time in my life I actually felt I had a lot to offer. I also felt confused that through my whole life I felt I didn’t matter, but now I found this strength inside me which gave me hope that maybe I could be happy too.

After our 2nd meeting I felt as if the hate and rejection I felt from the day I was born no longer had an impact on me emotionally. This was until my most recent partner saw the changes in me and began attacking me with everything he could.

Even during this huge new saturation of hatred, being physically & verbally abused that I would never find someone as good as him again, Greg constantly gave me encouragement and focus on the strength I knew I had inside me.  To not allow his disgusting words and actions to take me back to where I had been for so long.

No matter when I messaged or spoke to Greg outside of our appointments he would always be there to offer encouragement and remind me of who I really am.

We had a few more sessions where I was able to clear so many negative thoughts and emotions around my life.

I feel really focused, driven and excited to more forward knowing that I will never allow people with that negative energy to enter into my or my children’s life.

(Client Jess)

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Intro to hypnotherapy REVIEW

I had my first session with Greg about 4 weeks ago.

I was pleasantly surprised with the immediate result, even though we hadn’t gone into the actual therapy side of my problems.

I know it takes more sessions to get the full benefit however, I found even the first one was enough to start reprogramming patterns that had led me to my issues of stress and lack of self confidence.

The fact that Greg was able to achieve that result over the phone also surprised me.

I look forward to my follow up sessions with Greg and recommend his services without question.

(Client Paul)

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Indigenous Toxic Relationship Cycle REVIEW-

I am an Aboriginal woman who has been working with Greg for 3 weeks now after a relationship ended & I was feeling pretty bad about myself.

I knew I needed to change something so it didn’t happen again as I seemed to be going from one bad relationship to another and nothing that I was doing was working.

I was seeing a counsellor for a while & talking about wanting to change but not much ever seemed to change.

I then started trying to escape my hurt and looked for things that would help me zone out and I started playing pokies 2 or 3 times a week and drinking 2 or 3 bottles of wine a week to numb the pain.

Since working in this short time with Greg, my life is definitely changing.

I feel totally different and don’t feel I need to zone out anymore.

I’ve cut down 95% of the amount of alcohol I drink as I am more in touch with my inner strength and confidence.

I’ve also began taking charge of issues at work where people would normally try and take charge of me.

The most exciting thing is that I have been reunited with my strength, understanding, responsibility and dedication to my Indigenous culture and people.

Outside of our weekly Hypnotherapy sessions, Greg also offers support to deal with things as they come up from time to time.

The tips he gives me really help.

(Client Wendy)

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Abusive Relationships REVIEW

For a while now I have been dealing with anxiety, anger and such toxic, negative feelings about a previous abusive relationship, which then took a huge toll on my self-worth.

Greg helped me understand these feelings, how to deal with them and through his Hypnotherapy & guidance I am now feeling more confident and have so much more respect for myself.

Self-love is what I will be focussing on now!

(Client Aimee)

The fantastic outcome with this 26yr old young lady is that she has now begun a new relationship as she has opened up positive energy to only those who are on the same path as her, whilst also absolutely smashing her past relationship emotions using “The Final Closure” hypnotherapy approach.

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Quit Smoking REVIEW

I started smoking when I was 14 years old, I am now 42 and up until last week I had on average a pack a day.

Just like every other smoker I had my days, weeks, and even months where I managed to not smoke and I felt amazing doing so but somehow I always got pulled back into the mindset that I need to smoke to be able to deal with life all the while knowing that cigarettes have a negative impact on literally everything in my life – less money, less fitness, less energy, more depression.

Knowing and feeling the negative impact of cigarettes on my physical and mental health was killing me and I knew I had to do something about it.

I came across “How’s Your Head Space” and decided to give it a go and do a hypnotherapy session with Greg.

And what can I say? I haven’t touched or even craved a cigarette since then.

It’s absolutely amazing, I still can’t believe it and my smoking just feels like a distant memory from a different lifetime.

Greg is amazing in what he does and very professional.

Under hypnosis I found out why and when I decided to become a smoker – it sounds crazy but I was only a few months old when I made that decision and once we knew the actual reason for my desire to smoke, Greg used his techniques to change my emotions around that event.

He also showed me a technique I can use in case I come across some cravings – but honestly, so far I haven’t even had cravings.

On the very rare occasion that a thought about a cigarette pops up in my head I just think “how weird to think about smoking, I don’t even smoke” lol.

I honestly don’t think I will ever smoke again because my subconscious reason to do so is gone and I just don’t feel like it anymore!


(Client Jessica)

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Quit Smoking REVIEW

I had really been getting my life on track however I had one thing that I had felt that I didn’t want anymore and that was smoking.

I had smoked for a round 40 years.

I had one session with Greg at How’s Your Head Space to try and quit for good.

It’s strange because after one session I feel like I gave up smoking 10 years ago and it is just a distant memory with no withdrawals or cravings.

I feel like I have been a non-smoker for years and look forward to being a non-smoker for the rest of my life.

The hypnotherapy session Greg took me through, took me back in time and reprogrammed my unconscious mind around smoking so I feel confident and calm knowing that I never have to smoke again.

I don’t even feel like I need a cigarette when I am around other smokers.

I wanted to thank Greg and the “How’s Your Head Space” team for the ongoing support and my new outlook on life.

(Client Damien)

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Marriage Realignment REVIEW

I’ve never done hypnotherapy before so didn’t really know what to expect and was very nervous.

I know I needed to clear some things from my past as my emotions were really taking me to a bad place in my marriage and with my kids and I’d heard that Greg could help with a lot of different methods.

I was really nervous as I didn’t know if I could be hypnotised but was shocked at how relaxed and comfortable I felt as soon as we got started.

Greg used Timeline Regression Hypnotherapy. I felt really strange. I had this calm feeling as if a massive weight had been lifted from me.

As situations now happen I still think how I used to act but I’m saying totally different things and my whole family are enjoying life so much more.

We actually do things together and really enjoy each others company.

My new outlook has had an amazing effect on the rest of the family and we are all having a lot more fun together.

After weeks and weeks I still can’t believe how much calmer I am, how much more supportive I am and how much fun I’m having just living again.

Thanks Greg I would recommend you to anyone who is having blockages or looking to get back their life without the weight of their problems they are carrying around.

A total 10/10 of a person

(Client Katie)

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Increase in Professional Productivity REVIEW

For a while now I’d felt that I had blockages around prospecting in my real estate career.

I always set tasks to do but for some reason I couldn’t or didn’t want to complete them and I didn’t know what was holding me back.

I was still able to gain a few listings even whilst having these unknown blockages but I knew I could do way more.

I wanted to find out why I just couldn’t seem to achieve my goals or find that extra drive inside me so I approached Greg from How’s Your Head Space to try Hypnotherapy and see if I could release those blockages.

After my session with Greg I’ve found a drive to commit to my promises and have been able to complete the tasks I originally had no interest in. I’m really surprised at how well it’s worked and have a more focussed energy because I’m not constantly beating myself up for not completing my daily activities.

Somehow I have this force and energy inside me that I have not experienced before and I’m looking forward to what I can now achieve in my career

(Client – local real estate professional)

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