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PTSD hand in ocean reaching above water


Reliving either one OR multiple negative experiences and emotions from your past that may be “triggered” at any time from something that you are doing.

You feel that you don’t have any control over these emotions that keep reappearing even years after the events occurred.

This is because you have attached a negative emotion around those events and consciously, you cannot overcome them.

It doesn’t matter how large that experience was or how long you’ve been experiencing it….


sitting by self in hoodie on rocks


Lack of self worth, self esteem, motivation and feeling so alone inside – thinking that you’re not good enough or that it would be easier just not being here.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been thinking these thoughts or how much they rule your life…




Fear or Apprehension to take the steps needed for you to live the life you really want.

Stress that builds up so big inside your stomach, your head and through your body that you just can’t face a situation.

It doesn’t matter how large OR small that feeling is inside you…


abusive relationships NEW pic

Abusive Relationships

Past OR current relationships that make you feel trapped, scared, unworthy or guilty and makes you think it’s your fault that your partner gets angry, ignores you or makes you feel that everything is your fault.

Abuse can be either Physical, Mental or Sexual.

Your past exposure to Toxic Relationships as a child affect your ability to make new relationships as you got older OR has you constantly entering into more Toxic Relationships where you feel trapped in a cycle of abuse.

It doesn’t matter how bad you think it is, has been or will become…


GOAL SETTING running up mountain

Goal Setting and Achieving Success

You are doing everything you can but are unable to achieve the success you know you deserve.

No matter how hard you consciously try, you feel that “Something” is blocking your success.

This is because you have attached a limitation to your success in the past (usually when you were very young because of your surrounding environment or the people in it) without even knowing it and you are simply battling yourself to find the reason.

No matter what you want to achieve – financially, physically or mentally…


bad habits 2 smaller pixels

Breaking Bad Habits

You have tried erasing bad habits before and it didn’t work for the long term.
It’s because we have to find the “Root Cause” of why the bad habit started all the way before you were 7yrs old.
We then  simply change your emotions around that reason and understand that the reason no longer exists –
Therefore, you no longer need that habit.
It doesn’t matter how long you have had a bad habit…..

Mental Health Processes for best results

These below programs on offer that will definitely change your life as it has many people from all walks of life that you can see just a few in the “Reviews” section of this website.

Have a look at each and simply message me on which one resonates with you.

It takes a lot for most people to step up, want to actually change their life for the better and leave their past trauma and emotions behind where they deserve to stay so – I would like to congratulate you, even if you are simply researching what is best for you.

Remember, your first appointment with us is FREE to see if these amazing processes would assist you.

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OPTION # 1A Full Overall Realignment – 4 x 2 hour sessions to optimise your higher success rate to totally rip out the roots of what is holding you back, blocking your success and / or keeping you in a Toxic Cycle of relationships or careers.

Session 1 – involves symbolism hypnotherapy allowing you to become reconnected with your internal energy and power to succeed in both your professional and personal life therefor totally changing your future path and allowing you to pursue the life you know you should be living.

Session 2 – allows us to experience mental health timeline regression hypnotherapy which assists you to change your emotions around past events that unconsciously are holding you back or blocking you from achieving your future success. If we go back in time and you look at things differently that have embedded a negative emotion in your unconscious mind, like a domino effect everything unravels and the problem no longer exist today You can move forward with a focus an ability to achieve what you really want to in this life.

Session 3 – allows us to have final closure on anyone or anything that has had a negative influence on your past which will no longer result in you experiencing the limitations or blockages that those people events situations or surroundings placed on you at a time when you are more vulnerable and very young.

Session 4 – allows you to melt away limitations from your past so your unconscious mind only outsources a future you really want and the future that you should be living without all the negative emotions from past events affecting you. This part of the process really allows you to attract positive people that will help you achieve your goals both professionally and personally

OPTION #2PAST LIFE REGRESSION Fast Track Professional and Personal Success – 2 x 2hr sessions actually takes you back through time to previous lives where we can communicate with your past self to find out what success worked for you back then. This enables you to “fast track” your success in this life learning from experiences, risks and education you have experienced before. What better coach in this life could you ever be paired with that is better than yourself in your past life.

Session 1 – Tap into an unmatched energy and success level that you always knew you had but could not “consciously” tap into thereby opening up a totally different path for you to outsource the “right people, events and situations” towards the success you are after

Session 2 – Allowing your unconscious mind to bounce all the way back to before you were born, we can then go back into lives you lived before this one, speak to yourself and find out what you had learnt that had worked for you to succeed in that life. We can also bounce back to previous lives before that and understand that the message from you is always the same. With knowing this, you can simply look to venture on a similar path in this life and achieve the success that you knew you could but just seemed to be held back by something.

OPTION #3ASTRAL TRAVEL Understanding Your True Power and Worth –

Session 1 – Tap into an unmatched energy and success level that you always knew you had but could not “consciously” tap into thereby opening up a totally different path for you to outsource the “right people, events and situations” towards the success you are after

Session 2 – Actually leave your body and utilising Quantum Physics / Quantum Mechanics we tap into everything much larger than us, thereby realising that with the understanding that our energy is so strong and powerful, the limitations we place on ourselves during this life seem really insignificant and we can “Dismiss” them. When we “Dismiss” them, we have nothing holding us back. We are unstoppable in achieving things we really want to and THAT is amazing!

Packages designed specifically for your budget.