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PTSD hand in ocean reaching above water


Reliving either one OR multiple negative experiences and emotions from your past that may be “triggered” at any time from something that you are doing.

You feel that you don’t have any control over these emotions that keep reappearing even years after the events occurred.

This is because you have attached a negative emotion around those events and consciously, you cannot overcome them.

It doesn’t matter how large that experience was or how long you’ve been experiencing it….


sitting by self in hoodie on rocks


Lack of self worth, self esteem, motivation and feeling so alone inside – thinking that you’re not good enough or that it would be easier just not being here.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been thinking these thoughts or how much they rule your life…




Fear or Apprehension to take the steps needed for you to live the life you really want.

Stress that builds up so big inside your stomach, your head and through your body that you just can’t face a situation.

It doesn’t matter how large OR small that feeling is inside you…


abusive relationships NEW pic

Abusive Relationships

Past OR current relationships that make you feel trapped, scared, unworthy or guilty and makes you think it’s your fault that your partner gets angry, ignores you or makes you feel that everything is your fault.

Abuse can be either Physical, Mental or Sexual.

Your past exposure to Toxic Relationships as a child affect your ability to make new relationships as you got older OR has you constantly entering into more Toxic Relationships where you feel trapped in a cycle of abuse.

It doesn’t matter how bad you think it is, has been or will become…


GOAL SETTING running up mountain

Goal Setting and Achieving Success

You are doing everything you can but are unable to achieve the success you know you deserve.

No matter how hard you consciously try, you feel that “Something” is blocking your success.

This is because you have attached a limitation to your success in the past (usually when you were very young because of your surrounding environment or the people in it) without even knowing it and you are simply battling yourself to find the reason.

No matter what you want to achieve – financially, physically or mentally…


Exclusive Mental Health Membership Coaching Program

Online Coaching Program offering you step by step and week by week Mental Health Unconscious Mind Coaching utilising Hypnotherapy, Identity Alignments and Brain Resistance Recoding. 

You can simply sign up and watch the sessions along with the voice recordings as many times as you like, in the privacy of your own home and when it is convenient for you.  

 You can also capitalise on asking questions to Greg or within the group, send Greg direct questions and he can answer them in private to you or offer a coaching session on it.

 This program will absolutely SMASH negative thoughts, negative energy, negative triggers, negative emotions that are limiting you from living a life you’d love.

 If you are open minded and want…

  • Financial Success
  • Healthy Body
  • Confidence in all aspects of your life
  • Self worth
  • Self love
  • Self Trust
  • Structure
  • Productivity
  • Ideal Relationship
  • Motivation
  • Internal peace
  • Internal Strength
  • Focus
  • Positively Magnetic
  • In Control of thought
  • Release Past Regret
  • Release Guilt
  • Release Anger
  • Release Sickness
  • Release Illness…

 This program is for you!

What is Mental Health Identity Alignment, Brain Resistance Re-Coding
and Hypnotherapy all about...

No doubt you have gone through some pretty nasty experiences in your past and there is no difference whether they happened over a long period of time OR within 1 event, you are being affected by those experiences even well after they happened right?

Here’s some things that you should know about why they still affect you and how together, you and I can fix them for the rest of your life.


  • Our Conscious mind runs 5% of our lives. It is what we use to “Focus” on tasks in any given moment in time and can usually only manage up to 7 things at the one time (no matter how good you are at multi-tasking) before we begin to get stressed out.
  • Our Unconscious mind however, actually runs the remainder 95% of our existence, is extremely good at remembering absolutely everything that has happened in your life, even before you were born BUT unfortunately when memories are involved, it attaches an emotion to everything you experience (either Good, Bad or Indifferent).
  • During your past experiences, your Unconscious mind has attached “Negative Emotions” to certain experiences or events and that is why your emotions stay with you even long after the event or experience occurred.
  • So you can try as hard as you like to Consciously change your memories, emotions or why you don’t want these nasty thoughts (or relationships) to keep happening BUT Unconsciously your mind will not let you.



So how can we help you change the torment that you live with compared to other “Professionals” you may have spoken with over the days, months or years?

  • Mental Health Identity Alignment, Brain Resistance Re-Coding and Hypnotherapy simply allows me, through voice guidance to relax your Conscious thoughts and allows your Unconscious mind to steer us back to a time when you embedded the emotions in your past. These past events are sometimes things that consciously, you cannot remember OR even if you can remember, you cannot change the emotions around those events.
  • These events that you attached those negative emotions to can either be from before you were born, up to the age of 7yrs old when you are most impressionable (and you cannot Consciously remember), OR to the time of 1 or many specified events that are now triggered by something that you are exposed to today.
  • So as we go all the way back to the time / times that these events happened and we change the way you look at it and the emotions that you attached to it, then all of a sudden, what we change in our past is no longer a problem today or in our future.



Together, we can change :

  1. Success in your Professional AND Personal life = Significantly increase your productivity + attractant of positive people, situations, opportunities that will complement you on your path whilst tapping into your “Higher Self” resulting in the knowledge that you can reduce risks
  2. Depression = Rip you out of that black hole that seems to surround you so you can Becoming withdrawn, no one will understand how you’re feeling. People will be better off without you. It’s an enclosing cave that you feel you are living in with no escape
  3. Anxiety = That stress you feel inside thinking about what you are about to do that you haven’t done before or are not confident with
  4. PTSD = Certain triggers that make you feel scared or not in control from a past event / events
  5. CPTSD = Same as above but stem from unhappy events that you experienced over a longer period of time
  6. Toxic Relationships = bad relationships you keep attracting even though you try not too
  7. Self-Destruction  (either on purpose or not) = when you try to ruin positive things that you have in your life
  8. Domestic Violence = Actual events that happened directly to you within your family or a relationship
  9. Bad Habits = Smoking, Eating Disorders, Anger Issues (usually are a “result” from one of the above)

Mental Health Hypnotherapy actually works really quickly in comparison to other means of mental health therapy when we follow the process I tailor exactly to your specific problems.

I am currently assisting clients in person AND all over the world via Facetime through many different options so no matter where you live, feel comfort that our distance does not influence your results.


  • Think of a fruit tree and instead of fruit the branches are your Problems
  • Think of the Roots of that tree and they are the Past Events in your life that created the Problems
  • If we only cut off one or two Branches that feed the problems, the branches grow back
  • If we get down to the Roots of your Problems and RIP them out one by one, the Roots (Your Problems) will never grow back


So the process is for us to get down to the roots of WHAT is causing your Problems and RIP THEM OUT!

For this to occur, we have designed program options that are tailored to YOU and what YOU want to achieve.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone has gone through different trauma and once we fix one layer others may arise. For this reason if your process takes longer there is nothing wrong with that. What’s most important is that YOU become the person you want to be and we will be there along the way to assist you.

MOVING FORWARD – Simply email us for your program options. 

REMEMBER – When we change our emotions around past events, remove the  blockages and resistance you have Unconsciously created, you feel as if your problems disappear, leaving you free to explore your future without those blockages holding you back.

Congratulations for taking a huge positive step towards getting your life back on track.

I have 100% faith that you will walk out a much different person should you go ahead with our sessions, even if you have already spent years in other types of therapy.

Packages designed specifically for your budget.